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cheating:dad overhears son doubt his dad is his real dad


I would like to reread this story.

The husband is working in his home office, when he overhears his son, joking with his friends, that he doesn't know if his dad is his real father.

Husband hires a P.I. gets DNA testing and video of wife cheating.

The revenge is great!

He sues his wife for divorce, her mother for interfering in their marriage, etc.

It was a random story. Any help is appreciated.


my first thought would be, he could not tell if these things were going on?

Replies:   cantamelon


He only noticed that his wife wouldn't let him discipline their sons. But no, he didn't notice too much.


This has been driving me mad all day because I knew I'd read it only this week.

It's GToast's Second Chances.



Thank you very much!

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