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Another Lost story request


Sure I saw this as a Random from the Archives, or here as a lost story request, but forgot to bookmark.

Fighter Pilot gets shifted to Alternate universe where a war is being fought, I get the feeling they used Dragons as aircraft, similar to Turtledove's work

Replies:   awnlee jawking  Nizzgrrl
awnlee jawking


Not the story you're looking for, but the recently started Dragons and Coal Cinders by Myrtle Lane would seem to have elements in common.


Replies:   grandad_rufus

@awnlee jawking

I think that may actually have been the one - Many thanks



This story seems like "Will to Survive" by Ernest Bywater. Check it out at SOL.


It was Dragons and Coal Cinders by Myrtle Lane - I have read all of Ernest's stories as I like his work


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