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Time travel to southern plantation long story


I need help finding a story I had before my house
> burned down. It was about a man that was caught in a
> storm and parachuted out of the plane. When he woke up
> it was the 1850's just a few years before the civil
> war. A family took him in on their plantation. It is
> novel length a I believe more than a single book.
> Please help

Replies:   Fia1

You are looking for Winds by H20Wader but unfortunately it isn't here (or anywhere public) anymore. There is a fairly long topic a month or so back with everyone asking for a copy.



Damon that is one of the best time travel stories I have ever read too!!


There may be a copy or two floating around. You might want to add your address to all the others requesting a copy. Can't hurt to try.


It is a great couple of stories..



Will to Survive by Ernest Bywater


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