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The MC is a bloke who has just turned 18 and finds out he has mental powers, his mum works in a casino and takes her son there to wait while she works, he plays a slot machine to waste time and hits a jackpot, his mums manager stiffs them the win cause he's not old enough to claim the prize. his mum quits her job and when they go outside the MC uses his mental powers to smash every window the casino has....

thats all i remember.. been a few years since i've read this story..

any help would be great...



Story of Alan by Selfavatar

As far as I know it's unfinished and have no idea where it can be found.


Story of Alan by Selfavatar
Internet Archive

Replies:   Grizz


Unfortunately that only has 6 chapters out of 30 or more...


Story of Alan (32 chapters) is available as a zip file for download from Warlord's Yahoo group here:

You might have to join the group to download it. I think I might have read a comment that Warlord "cleaned up" the story or made some changes to it. I don't know if that's true.

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp


Story of Alan (32 chapters) is available as a zip file

Wow. What a story! Haven't actually 'read' it yet as I am running it through spell/grammar check, but what I see as I correct... Thanks for the link!


so is it complete or no?

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp


No, there are only 32 chapters and I think that is where the writer stopped. It definitely looks like there should be more to the story.

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