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Polish pistol


Series of stories. Main character is a professional bass player in a band that he has mostly left or been kicked out of. He had the rights to merchandise and the band's logo I think. Lived in the top floor of a renovated warehouse in a mid to larger size city. Maybe Cleveland or detroit.

In the warehouse loft apartment he had self done archery range that he could practice on.

In the 2nd or 3rd novel they find a pistol in the elevator machinery room. I thought the name of a latter book was the case of the polish pistol, but I cannot find that book by searching.

Any of those ring a bell?

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


Not much help since I can't remember the author or the title but yes, I remember the story. I believe the protagonist was marrying an Indian woman to save her from an arranged marriage where her husband would take over her fortune. I think he was in the process of building up a harem. There were also subplots about reforming the group, a kitten, and gold coins. I don't recall the story ever being finished.

Hope that jogs someone's memory.



It was Knock on Door by Kid Wigger. An excellent story that trainwrecked in it's sequel. Hopefully Kid will see a way through and get back to it if he can find some downtime from his space opera.




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