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couple find spacecraft whilst walking in the woods.






Be interesting to know I only know of a man walking in the woods that finds a space ship


Replies:   burlarr

Did anyone see the date of the original post?!?

And why would one (cantamelon) send now an answer to a more than two years old posting? That's if you call "Bump" an answer.


Replies:   JohnBobMead



Traditionally, on lost story sites, "Bump" is what you write when bumping a thread back to the front page. It is preferred over starting a new thread for the same request.

It's also preferred that it be done by the OP, as an indication that they are still seeking an answer, presuming it's a lost story request. But it is also acceptable for someone else seeking the same story to bump, if it hasn't been answered yet.

If an informational thread that they haven't talked the mods into stickying yet, anyone can bump with impunity.

At least that's how it's done at ABEBooks Booksearch.

Ernest Bywater

bumping an unresolved request is a good idea, so is posting a notice it's been resolved when it has been solved.

Replies:   JohnBobMead

@Ernest Bywater

so is posting a notice it's been resolved when it has been solved.

That's the frustrating thing about the major "lost story" sites, how few posters actually check back to see if their question was answered, or if they do, they don't bother to let them know that they did, and if it was the title they were looking for.



Good story, but that one starts off with a man get stranded by a mudslide on the road.

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