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I read first chapter of a story in which a computer professional find out his ex military wife giving her boss blowjob in CCTV recording when he is recovering client hard drive. It is revenge story that time I can't read as it is require premium membership. I can't find it now. I become premium member to read it, please help me. The name is like "Revenge too much/too far"

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There were 126 stories with revenge in the title. None with revenge too. Do you recall the author?

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Sorry i don't remember the author and it is not in the current list of stories under revenge.But it was definitely there.thanks



Got a file named Dab10@A_Revenge_too_much[all].zip It's dated 18 Nov 2012 and it's not a serial (only one chapter).
Doesn't seems to be listed here anymore:


It became part of a larger story that I put up on amazon but send me an email and I will send a copy of it :)

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