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Brother Sister


Brother doesn't have best relationship with sister. She is going to a party and tells him not to go, he says he won't go. Then he goes anyways. He girls going into one room and his sister may be one of them. He goes into the room before the room the girls go into. He sees a guy go into the closet and come out shortly after the others make fun of him for being a quick shot. The the Brother gets shoved into the room and a girl starts to give him a blowjob, she is so impressed with his cock she has sex with him. In the process she says a word and he recognizes her as his sister. He sneeks out. His sister later finds out it was him and gets ticked off at him but then forgives him when she finds out he didn't do it on purpose.


Thanks. I guess that's why I couldn't tfind the story here then.

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