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2 forgotten tales


Hi. There are two stories I can't remember.
The first starts with a hs kid, star quarterback. His mom dies and he goes to college at Kentucky.mMeets a pro golfer, falls in and out of love, plays in the pros.

The second is maybe a year okd. 14 yr old kid in the 50's goes travelling fir the summer. Stops a bank robbery, becomes a rodeo rider, does a movie w/John Wayne, stops cattle rustlers, moves to hollywood, invents faucets and a hair dryer, etc, etc.
Any ideas?

Replies:   richardshagrin

NINETH GRADE 1958-1959



Number two is by Banadin, the Richard Jackson Saga, 9th Grade. Over on Fine stories his Summer Vacation is still a separate story, here on SOL that was included in 9th grade as a preface. One of these years, fairly soon now, Bandin will post Ricky's vacation between 9th and 10th Grade. I believe it starts with him on a cargo vessel as a crewman. Also somewhere in the more distant future is 10th Grade.

I have read the first one, I need to do a little research before I make a fool of my self and give the wrong title.


The first one is Path to Glory by Brendan Buckley.


Guys, thanks a lot! Much appreciated....

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