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Father Daughter


Looking for a story where a Father and his daughter are traveling. Can't remember if it's just for travel or moving. They find themselves in a town or village. Everyone seems kind of young and lots of babies. We find out that there is something in the water and or food that keeps the women younger and fertile longer. Eventually the Dad is taken to a room where there are lots of young women possibly all teens, they are naked and bent over. The dad has to have sex and cum inside each of the girls. I can't remember if he knows his daughter is one of the girls or not. He eventually thinks that this place isn't going to be a place he stays in the rest of his life but he could see his daughter staying there.


this sounds like fertile valley

Replies:   StaticBat83


That might be it. I'll have to figure out where I can find the story.

Ernest Bywater

You may be interested in this series i fund while looking for the story for you



Fertile Valley
By Jim Davis




I guess I had two different stories mixed together. Still looking for a story where the father goes into a room with multiple girls bent over and has to have sex with them not knowing who they are.

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