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Lost incest story


I'm looking for a story and I don't remember the title or where I read it. I tried searching on different sites but nothing.

Here is the synopsis : a mother wants to send a video message to her husband who is away (military or business, I don't know). The video is of her masturbating. The problem is she doesn't know how the camera works so she asks her son for help.
At first he set up the camera and explain his mother how to record. It doesn't work.
Next he hit record and leave the room but it's another failure.
Finally, she asks her son to stay in the room and film her masturbate. It's another failure because the son being so aroused uses the zoom to see his mother better, so it's obvious someone is behind the camera so the mother can't send this to her husband.
They have to try again but they don't mind, they enjoy it.
After that the details are unclear to me but I know that at the end, they discover the father is cheating and isn't where he was supposed to be so they send him a video of them having sex.

I really want to read this story again and if anyone know where I can find it, I would be thankful.

Replies:   blacksash  John Demille


Could it be this one?

John Demille


That sounds like one of Young Thinker's stories. Can't verify as he removed his stories from the site.


It's not mom's masturbate.

And if the story is removed from the site, it would explain my lack of success. So I really hope it's not a Young Thinker's story.

Replies:   ustourist


It is probably
"Mom Needs Son's Help" by kinkybelle
but that is no longer on SOL - at least I am assuming that is where I saw it originally.
I haven't looked to see if it is available on any other site.

Replies:   zellus



Ding ding ding we have a winner.

It IS mom needs son's help. Thank you guys so much.

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