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Don't really remember much.

At some point the MC gets it on with someone who is in witness protection i think and lives in ahouse with an underground bunker that they end up using. Theres also a falling out later in the story where the main MC moves away from "his girls" to a college dorm i think...

Dunno the details are hazy but i remember i enjoyed the story.

EDIT:Story begins at a choir tryout or something i think.

Bunker and house belonged to a druglord or something and i think theres a shootout in the house involving navy seals at somepoint.

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sounds like Chad Johnson: Year One by Hawklu http://storiesonline.net/s/44184/chad-johnson-year-one

Incomplete and inactive since 2010....


in chad johnson he don't use the bunker
maybe "in a secret garden" by Sultus as it has the drug lord, bunker, fallout
I'm not sure if it has the same specification about the girlfriend nor the navy seal


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