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Old Western


I might be getting a couple of stories mixed up with this but I read it quite a few years ago.
The main character is a young boy whose mother dies and he is brought up in a brothel where he does odd jobs - he befriends an old prospector who dies and leaves him his old shack which has some gold stashed away. As he gets older he works building a bridge in the town which has tolls for the wagon trains going west and I think he ends up being an Engineer.
As I said it was quite a few years ago and it might have been on asstr.


Sounds like city father by ogre something or other Would provide link but on my pphone atm


Thanks for the reply - have been going through all the posts on asstr since 1997.

Your poster is Ogre1944 who has that one story and it is incomplete but I'll check it out

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A City Father by ogre1944

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