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Oregon Trail Stories


I read lazlong stories already and would want to read other Oregon trail stories. Could you refer me to some of these stories?

Replies:   samuelmichaels

I wish he would've finished "Wagons Ho". Supposed to be another part,it left you hanging.It is a great read.



Oregon by cmsix. There is another author I hope will return to writing at some point.

Replies:   docholladay


The last email I had from him indicated that his health was getting worse. That was about a year or so ago. Hopefully he will return, but from what he had stated in the past about his family relationships, I doubt they would notify us if he had passed on. In the meantime I just go back from time to time and read his stories, even unfinished ones can be fun at times.


The Old Guys Page- "I Fell Through" at https://storiesonline.net/s/48813:47964 There are 3-4 stories continuing the saga. "A New Life" is the second installment, and "What the Future May Bring" is the third. These are Oregon trail stories, There is another called "Finding Peace" by Celtic Cowboy that is very well written too


thanks to all. anymore?


I remembered one by cmsix. Here is the link I hope: https://storiesonline.net/s/55904/oregon

Even if its one of his incomplete ones. Most of his are worth the time to read. The incomplete just let your imagination give an ending.

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