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I'm looking for a story that involves magical coins that stop time except for those who touch the coins. A brother and sister find the coins in a box in a pond and they eventually inVolvo a female friend. The friend is in love with the brother. The friend ends up moving in with them because of a bad situation at home.

There was another story that involved time stopping or slowing down for two people who could be siblings or not. At first time stops/slows down for only short periods but then the periods get linger. Then the world around the stops completely. Then one day the girl shows up at her families home with a baby. Time started once the baby was born.

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The first sounds a lot like a Young Thinker's story. Alas, I believe he removed his stories from SOL.



Sounds familiar, not sure what the stories are yet, however "Anomaly" by Golden Mage is a good time stopping story..


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The first is definitely a Young Thinker story titled "Coins", from 2005.

When Young Thinker still had his page on SOL he had a series/universe sub-page titled Time Stop, which had five main stories plus a subsection for an in-universe series called The Rock which had another three stories. I'm not sure if the five main stories were connected, but the three in The Rock definitely were. The eight stories were written between 2005 and 2015.



Thanks for that. But I try to stay away from incomplete and inactive stories. I may give this a try though.

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