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Naked in school


I'm looking for a NIS story where a school principal is getting many complaints from the females in the school about someone involved in the program and how he tricked them into getting pregnant. And at the end the principal decided to have sex with the student too. Then we find out the student is also her son. Any idea what story that is? I think it's a NIS story I could be wrong.

Any NIS stories that involve incest and or pregnancies?

Replies:   richardshagrin


I suggest you visit the NIS Universe and review the tags of the stories listed there. I suspect there are pregnancy issues dealt with, although the standard approach involves getting a shot to provide birth control before the week starts or early on Monday. Incest between full brothers and sisters is probably absent but there is at least once story where step-siblings go through the Program together. I can't remember if actual incest occurs. There are NIS or near-NIS stories on other sites. Eskimo1958 has a series that uses some of the NIS approaches on ASSTR but I don't remember any incest. There is pregnancy.


Thanks. I'll check that out then.


I think Homer Naked In School by SerenaJ is one your looking for it is on asstr

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