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Just a taste. Mind control


Looking for a story that I remember reading about a young man who was involved a chemical accident at school and now how saliva has mind control properties. Ends up with his sister, teacher, and friends mother under his control. At least before I lost it.

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Its probably one by Ivan the Terror on ASSTR. He has several similar stories involving various methods of achieving mind control.

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I too remember this story. His friend or family test to see how it happens which is how he ends up with others. I just wish I could remember who wrote it - Don't think it was ever finished though


2nd vote for Just A Taste Is All It Takes by James Marcus.
The story was on SOL but must have been removed.

Ernest Bywater

In his blog James mentions family issues forced him to delete his erotic stories back in 2014.


The first eleven parts (I'm not sure if there were more) are still available at ASSTR. That site isn't subject to the usual take downs since it is an archive of things posted on Usenet, not a submission site.


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I wonder if the story I lost was another of James's ones - I need to dig deeper, but the ASSTR search engine is broken so badly .. :(


They were taken down from ASSTR also. After they were taken off here I went there to try and download the chapters I hadn't read yet but they were already gone from that site too. I was able to get them from the ASSTR site at the internet archive. In January of 2015 I saw that they were loaded back to his page and I hoped that meant he was writing again but sadly nothing since.





And a new chapter was just posted the other day



There are sixteen chapters posted at the asstr web site cited here. At the end of chapter 16 Marcus refers his readers to his Patreon site. Chapter 16 is titled "Conclusion".


Dear Grandad, Thank you.

Darn it, I'm still just a Nizzgrrl


For those of you wishing to read the James Marcus story "Just a taste is all it takes" it is still on Wolfpub.org

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