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has anyone heard from CMSIX ?????


Not in a very long time as far as I know. I don't know if anyone local to him uses this forum or site, but there is always a chance.


@Ernest Bywater:
A couple of years back I did some checking on cmsix on line, using his real name. At the time I was able to confirm his residential address just before he moved into the nursing home in Texas where his room had a bad wi-fi connection and troubles keeping his computer charged. He did have an issue because he uses a specific type of external keyboard, but got one donated to him from a reader.

Family wise his parent were deceased, his siblings didn't get on with him, and only his daughter helped him out. At the time he moved into the nursing home she was living nearby. But by the time I finished the research it looked like she and her husband had to move further away due to her husband's work. Thus it's likely he's not had the support he needs for a few years.

He had some major health and mobility issues which kept him bed-bound for most of the time.

Last time anyone had any real contact with him he stated he didn't want anyone working on his stories and finishing them for him. The idea someone might do that really pissed him off.

In short, he was in failing health, in a situation where he needed support to do things, and couldn't get on the Internet as much as he'd like. He may or may not be still among the living; but he's such an ornery old cuss I'd put my money on him being alive and not able to use his computer much.

The public search systems should still be able to locate his current location if still alive, but you'd need to be in Texas, down near Plano, to help him.

Ernest Bywater

If anyone is in the north-east Texas area they can check up on him. Last he was heard from he was in the Rose Haven Retreat, Atlanta, Texas and had a family member (daughter I think) living in Queen City, Texas. His brother Kerry had died and his brother Richard was visiting him from time to time. He's in his late 60s to early 70's and originally hails from the Plano, Texas area.

His initials are CMG, and I suspect the cmsix may come from him being the sixth in his family with the first name of Chessley.

If anyone is in the region of the border between Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana they should stop by in Atlanta, Texas and say hello and find out how he is.

edit to add: recent background check indicates he may now be living in Allday Street, Atlanta, Texas, but that may just be his house.

Ernest Bywater

Just heard from someone else that they spoke with cmsix in late 2015. He's had some serious health issues since his last blog post in 2014 and isn't too motivated at the moment.

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Capt. Zapp

@Ernest Bywater

Just heard from someone else that they spoke with cmsix in late 2015

Glad to hear he is still alive and kicking.


To the best of my knowledge, he turns 70 next Friday.

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