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Young man leaves home to become knight

Splatmasta56 🚫

I have tried for a week to find this story. A young man views his parents murder and trains to become a master bladesman. He acquires an army and marches against his brother.

hiltonls16 🚫

The Rise of Azkoval by Jay Cantrell?

Dinsdale 🚫

This actually seems to be two stories merged together. Both are by https://storiesonline.net/a/Jay_Cantrell and I agree that https://storiesonline.net/s/17413/the-rise-of-azkoval is one of them but the "master bladesman" and "brother" parts look more like https://storiesonline.net/s/70888/always-on-guard

Replies:   Splatmasta56
Splatmasta56 🚫


Thank you very much! You are correct, I combined both stories in my mind. Thanks for being able to mind read!

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