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DoOver; father of teen getting remarried

PotomacBob 🚫

I'm pretty sure this is a DoOver story on SOL. I looked through the DoOver descriptions, but none of them seemed to fit.
In the story, the teen boy's father is getting remarried. In the previous life, when that happened, the boy went to live with his mother in another state. This time, he wants to stay to be near his new stepsister.
I'm pretty sure that before his father's remarriage, the boy rides his bike to the home of the girl who will be his new stepsister.
That's about all I remember. If somebody recognizes the story and could provide the title or author's name, I'd be grateful. Or - if you remember other details and share them it might jog my own memory.
Thanks, in advance, for any help.

Replies:   Keet
Keet 🚫


author: tendertouch
story: Building a Better Past

Replies:   PotomacBob
PotomacBob 🚫


8/25/2020, 4:32:11 PM


author: tendertouch
story: Building a Better Past

That's it. Thank you very much.

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