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Seeking information re: "The Night Hawk" author from 2005


The Night Hawk - long gone yet a ghostly appearance?

The Night Hawk won a 3rd place in Romanticism in the 2005 Clitorides for a wonderful do-over entitled "Once More with Feelings" that had a significant religious undertone. His detailed descriptions of the settings in western Ontario and in a Roman Catholic parochial school either came from some experience or else considerable research.

His end-note to the last posted chapter #30C states an intent to continue the story, and also refers to a now-nonexistent Yahoo group where he apparently had posted more detail on the story background including real photographs, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nhstories unfortunately the Yahoo group in non-existent.

While the last story post was 2004-01-05, there was a modification as recently as 2014-05-17!!! This suggests that more than 10 years later the author was still somewhere out there in the Northern Woods?

The Night Hawk appears nowhere other than in her/his two stories on SOL and neither blog nor email exists.

Does anyone remember this author and possibly have any further information?

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I'll reply to this post and the one in the other thread.

I just looked at every chapter of "OMwF" and found no evidence of any updates since the last chapter posted. I think the item you saw at the bottom of Chapter 30C may be an error, or perhaps indicates that the moderators did 'something' on that date.

The only update I found looking at the chapter postings was in chapter 21 Posted: July 07, 2004 - 04:25:24 pm Updated: July 08, 2004 - 03:37:21 pm


I'm unclear what causes a "modified date" to appear and assumed that the author was the only one who could cause such an annotation.

That the author intended to continue is clear from the footnote, but clearly never did, at least not under the same nickname. There is indication in a review by "sysyphus" that an "Henri" may be the author, but there is not author on SOL by such name.

Just curious of anyone ever had occasion to follow this author and if the author appears elsewhere or is or was otherwise available.


BTW, bondsman, thanks for the quick reply.


Just to further obfuscate the issue, The Nighthawk (don't forget the 'The', it's important) also posted 'Kelly', which actually started before OMWF, and ended in 2007.
And yes, the author's first name is Henri. I forget his last name, but he used to post to a group I browsed for a while before I lost interest. If I remember correctly he is Canadian, and I seem to remember being told he was in poor health. That was several years ago.


As @LonelyDad mentioned, Night Hawk (both with and without "the" appear in stories) did write several things other than what is on SOL.

The main stories of which I'm aware are spin-offs/ based on the story "James" by MikeC. Night Hawk's stories in "JamesWorld" include "Carol", "Cynthia", "Saturday", "Witches, Warlocks, and Shop Vacs", and "Kelly". Aside from "Kelly", which started posting in 2002, the other four stories were written in 2003 and posted with the comment:

A short story by Night Hawk Coerced out of retirement by "Mike C" and his James World series. Copyright 2003 by: Night Hawk

The original stories by MikeC, the four NH stories from 2003, and the first 17 parts of Kelly can all be found at ASSTR in MikeC's author page (http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/MikeC/JAMES/). I know there were at least 32 parts to Kelly, as that's how many I have, but the last one says continued. I've no idea if there are more parts, or where parts eighteen and later might be found. If I get a chance, I'll poke around some of the older collections.

A quick check of ASSTR showed that NH does have an author sub-site, but all that's there is http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Nighthawk/Sexy%20Sister%20in%20law.txt, posted in 2011. I'm not actually sure if this is the same Night Hawk, to be honest.

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The entire 40 chapters of 'Kelly' are posted on SOL.



Thank you for the information. It was clear in reading the OMWF that NH or Henri had intimate knowledge of Western Ontario and also in general of Canadian politics. I had indeed seen the earlier story and as it was stated as being based on MickC's James, I pended its reading until I found my way through the James sequence.

From what you say about Henri and his health, I fear that his deity may well have intervened and he had not opportunity to continue as had been his intent.


There is another thread over in the Author's Hangout forum about The Night Hawk. The following is a post from our beloved leader on the subject:

Lazeez Jiddan

2/11/2016, 5:18:10 PM

Henri is still alive and well and still frequents the site. When he wrote the stories he was between jobs. The last direct communication I had with him was back in 2006 and he was moving as had found a new job.

Indeed, he did reside in south western ontario at the time. I have no clue his current whereabouts.


He is to be found, if not easaly. Way back when, I had a idea who he was in the offline world.

If memory doesn't elude me, he was a professional in Civil Engineering.

The mentioned newsgroup did exist, maybe Time to use the internrt archive, the way back machine!

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