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This story takes place in the mountains and valleys of British Columbia.


It involves a young man who decides to become a gold miner. He spends the first winter in a roughly built cabin, very isolated, and has a run in with a bear who breaks down the door to his cabin.
He visits a town some distance away and meets and old miner who now lives in a Nursing Home who sells him the very claim he wants to prospect. Everything improves after this.
Later the old man dies and leaves him everything, including a guide and rescue operation.

It may be an unfinished serial but I cannot remember.

Thanks for any help.



Thank you, this is the right one. I had read Aftershock, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so wanted to find more and following links found the other site. Then, of course, forgot where and what it was.

Again, thanks.



K Pelle updated some stories in Nov. 2015, but nothing since. I hope his health is okay and it is just real life keeping him away from the keyboard.

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