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Searching for Current status of great author Dave1


Dave1 wrote superb stories of he and wife Sharon for years, probably got tired and reported his wife's "death" and quit writing under that name...He was too good a writer to QUIT WRITING so I am looking for his "new authors name". I admit it, I'm hooked on his writing!!



There doesn't seem to be a Dave1 as an author on SOL. I don't remember any author of that name or story written by Dave1. Please suggest somewhere his stories appear or a few titles so I can search.

Replies:   ustourist


Military separation and its results;
Dallas - A young man's fantasy;
Jean- The woman next door;
There are a couple of others as well, but nothing I know of since 2009. He was on SOL when those were posted.


Thanks for your research.. His best was WINTER WONDERLAND SURPRISE but he just dropped out...
Oh yes, my bad He was "DAVE 1"
I have nine but many were Incomplete....

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I too thought DAVE1 was an excellent writer. I read "Winter. . " but not the rest. If you still have those files copy them to me at Thanks



I DAVE1, author of WINTER WONDERLAND SURPRISE was an excellent writer. I read "Winter. . " but not the rest. If you still have those files would copy them to me at Thanks

Crumbly Writer

If the stories are no longer available on SOL, then the odds are the author himself removed them (i.e. it's unlikely he was dead at the time). However, it's only sometimes that authors remove stories in order to publish them. I'm guessing his wife's death hit him hard, and he couldn't stand the self-reflecting isolation that writing requires due to his lasting depression.

It happens, and is certainly easier to justify than the 'my new wife forced her religion down the throats of my readers' one.

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