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Alien First Contact Trilogy


I remember reading a series where humans landed on an alien world for the first time, and that first landing party was massacred. Mankind didn't return for another 50 years or so, and then started to get to know them. They then found out the aliens had a collective, shared mind with a queen and were plotting to kill the humans and still their ship.

I think it was a trilogy (I only ever read the first story), but it may have even been 4 or more.

He also wrote a short story about a rich genius building a secret spaceship, and a longer story about a guy mentally communicating with a girlfriend that was in a coma, trying to solve how she was hurt (or something like that.

Couldn't seem to find the author even though I thought I had it saved in my bookmarks.



The rich genius with a secret spaceship makes me think of FantasyLover.

Capt. Zapp


Eden - A Universe from the Mind of Colin Barrett

The first world humans have found with a sentient life form. But it's a very different world, and Eden's native are very different from humanity




That plot sounds like the (internal chronology, not necessarily the order they were written) the first few encounters between Earth and Mars in Ray Bradbury's Mars stories (some of which are collected in "The Martian Chronicles."

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