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looking for action/adventure stories


I've read a couple action/adventure stories where the main character is a man who is usually a former Seal, Green Beret, CIA Spy or other occupation which trained him well. He is retired and stumbles onto a girl or group and has to "come out of retirement" and use his skills and contacts to protect them. Usually protecting someone from the government or drug lords or other criminals. These usually aren't a stroke story and the sex if present at all isn't the main thrust of the story. The main character has to win the trust of the vulnerable girl or group. Unfortunately "action/adventure" isn't a category I can search by. Anyone know of stories or authors that are like this?

Ernest Bywater


On the Category Search page there's a bunch of options in a small box at the bottom, one is called Genre and Action/Adventure is one of the genres you can search on.

Also, many of my stories are action or adventure stories so you may want to check them out:



the same is true of Lazlo and Dual Writer




Uncle Jim has a few like that.



Thank you both for the information. I have read every story Dual Writer and Lazlo has written. Need to try Ernest Bywater and Ernest Edwards and uncle Jim. Just finished reading the 10 by FantasyLover which were also very good.



Try 'The Protector' by TerribleThom.
There were three stories if I remember correctly, but only one is shown at present....a repost that seems large enough to be more than the original first story.
Very good score, and deservedly so.


Most probably https://storiesonline.net/s/69156/shamus-journals by TerribleThom will suit you



My Everett Mountain Retreat by Jack Spratt might suit. Lots of sex, though.

Non-SOL, but John Ringo's "Kildar" and several of Bernard Lee DeLeo's series might work.


Thank you all. I have read Shamus a couple time by TerribleThom. I remember why I didn't read the Protector. It is about a CASA worker in the court system and I am a lawyer who does work in that system and I thought it might seem too much like being at work, lol.

I'll try Everett Mountain Retreat.

Where would I find, "Non-SOL, but John Ringo's "Kildar" and several of Bernard Lee DeLeo's series"

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but John Ringo's "Kildar"

You will need to download at least one cd file from the following link: http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/

The kildar series is included in the "Claws that Catch" cd. You can download the cd in a couple of different formats. I grabbed them in the cd.zip format and just uncompressed to a special directory.

For a long time it was possible to read them individually online but Baen changed the rules.


I personally believe if you enjoy the stories posted at places like the link I gave and can afford it. Go out and buy a copy in a bookstore. Many might be available in used bookstores as well. I know I have a few of his books I traded for over the years. Funny how many books a bookworm gathers without planning it.

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I am always looking for a good author to buy his/her books. I own every western written by Louis L'Amore, every western by William Johnstone, over 450 paperback books from the executioner series. I've read every Zane Grey story also. I'm always saddened when one of my current authors passes away. I think there are several authors here, (like Dual Writer's Chuck Johnson series, and Cmsix's time travel stories) that would make an excellent story for publication with the sex scenes toned down.


I'll definitely check out Finestories.com and want to thank you both for your input.


I would also like to suggest local libraries as a resource for dead tree books. Your tax dollars at work, at least most of the time. If they don't have something that has been published that you want to read, perhaps they can arrange an inter-library loan. They may have suggestions about similar stories. They are usually happy to help a reader, even to obtain a library card. Don't leave home without one. They may even have computers that will let you go online to read stories here or at project Guttenberg. Another archive of published material that might have books you would like to read.

Ernest Bywater


I personally believe if you enjoy the stories posted at places like the link I gave and can afford it. Go out and buy a copy in a bookstore.

They can also be bought as print books from the printer, and most are also available as e-books from them as well:



They also have some e-books as free samples:



Thank you Ernest- will do.

And thank you everyone as I hope to try all these as I hope to retire within the next couple years and will have more time to read.

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Ernest Bywater


Thank you Ernest- will do.

You're welcome. We try to help, but we aren't perfect marksmen.

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