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Looking For Star Wars Fan Fiction


Since the release of the new Star Wars movie, I had the urge to read all the Star Wars fan fiction on SOL. At the end are the stories I found so far. Please add to the list if you know of any stories (SOL or other sites) that you can recommend.

I remember other stories titled Force Wars (or similar) posted by Dark_Blade which later changed to Dark Apostle. The stories and author are no longer on SOL. Can anyone help find these stories if still around somewhere?



Star Wars - The Tie Fighter by Walter Slaven

Nullin Terra - Star Wars by Cylis Derrens - Incomplete & Inactive

James And Demus Series by Cylis Derrens
James Darkblade - Star Wars by Cylis Derrens
Darth Demus - Star Wars by Cylis Derrens
A Cloaked Figure by Cylis Derrens

Stories by Syren Callista
Beru's Awakening by Syren Callista
Burning Desire by Syren Callista
Clone Wars - Ahsoka Tano - Proving Her Worth by Syren Callista - Incomplete & Inactive
Jaina's First Saber by Syren Callista
Leia Heats Up Hoth by Syren Callista
Leia Skywalker - Frisky Farm-Girl by Syren Callista - Incomplete & Inactive
Luke's First Time by Syren Callista
Shadows Of The Empire - Pleasures Of The Flesh by Syren Callista

Star Wars - A Universe
Princess Leia Meets Princess Aura by Oberon
Star Trek - A Holodeck Fantasy II by Oberon
Star Trek - A Holodeck Fantasy by Oberon
Twist Of Fate by Shabby Blue - In Progress
Twist Of Fate - The Life Of A Slave by Shabby Blue
Twist Of Fate - The Quest For Camie by Shabby Blue
November by starfiend

Other Stories by Shabby Blue
A Rebel Whore On Endor by Shabby Blue
Gunray's Revenge by Shabby Blue
Quick Compromise by Shabby Blue
Replicoid by Shabby Blue
The Bespin Experiment by Shabby Blue
The Slave Princess by Shabby Blue
Vader's Methods by Shabby Blue
Wampa Attack by Shabby Blue


I don't read a lot of fan fiction, but I have made use of the reviews section over at TV Tropes. Their Star Wars subsite is http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanficRecs/StarWars.

The nice thing above the recommendations there is that most includes both a short synopsis and some comments, though not a full review.

Perv Otaku

Most erotica sites have at least a little fanfiction, and some portion of that is bound to be Star Wars based.

Some erotica sites are specifically dedicated to fanfiction. There are even more plain old fanfiction sites, which may or may not include erotica stories in their collections.

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