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I've looked but can't find story


MC is teenager and goes on a cross country trip during summer vacation. During vacation, he killed 2 bank robbers, became a champion bull rider, worked in Spin and Marty, partied in Mexico with Elvis, in movie with John Wayne. Later, stopped russian spy at SAC base, found out his mom saved Queen Elizabeths' live during WWII, etc., etc.



Richard Jackson saga by Banadin

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Ernest Bywater




Thanks. That's it.


I like that story! Banadin has promised at least a second story - 10th grade. The story shreds your suspension of disbelief along the same lines as Dman & Lady in Red, but it's got a great sense of humor and does not take itself seriously. I'm looking forward to book two. :)


On Fine stories it still is a separate story. I think the title is something about My Summer Vacation. I recommend reading it on Fine Stories because readers get 100 stories a day there, and 16 here. For Premier Members who get 100 stories on SOL it still might make sense, if you prefer to retain the option of as many stories as possible on SOL.

On SOL its the preface to 9th Grade.

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