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Unfinished lost story: Wins girl in card game, he's a lawyer


I can't seem to find this story, and I know I've read it a few times on SOL. Basically, a group of guys are playing poker, and for the first time the women decide to play. One of them bets herself for a week, and loses to the protagonist. She moves in and is his 'slave' during the week that he loses his job and almost gets in trouble ethically with some financial stuff his assistant did for him without his knowledge. For the life of me I can't seem to find it and would love to read it again.


I know it's unfinished and the story title ends in 'bet'. I've read it a couple of times myself.

Update: I thought it was 'side bet bluff' but that doesn't find anything.


Thank you! Side bet bluff it is! I didn't even think to check other sites, I wonder why it was deleted.

Replies:   ArthurSB73


Looks like author profile pulled last March.

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