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It is about a man who quits his job and starts a blog post and it changes the working environment for a lot of people in one chapter he has a heart


has this not been ask about like 4 times now?

Replies:   garymrssn

Is it Service Society by Lazlo Zalezac?




has this not been ask about like 4 times now?

Are you referring to what appears to be an inadvertent double post or are you seriously suggesting that everyone read through over 200 unindexed posts before submitting a query?


Ayup! That's Service Society. One of my favorite edits. Good story.


i was meaning that when the same question is asked multiple times in less then an hour by the same person whether it was needed or unnoticed.

Replies:   JohnBobMead


It was an accidental double post, they happen. The timestamp is the same in the two posts for the initial posting. If you've never had an accidental double post you are very fortunate.

Replies:   richardshagrin


Guilty of double post, have no idea why, I was typing along and then, bang, I was out of the posting and had a double post. Must have hit a wrong key by mistake. What I did was go back, delete the second post and say, "sorry, double post". No need to leave the same post up twice, although it doesn't seem to be possible to delete the posting entirely.

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