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I was reading a story on this website around a year ago. It was a Harry Potter parody. The story hadn't been centered around hogwarts or anything, but instead, there was a whole bunch of new stuff. Harry made himself an imaginary friend/sister that only he could see and he develops feelings for her and I 'think' they eventually have sex. I would really appreciate it of someone could tell me the name of the story because I am having no luck whatsoever finding it now.
P.S.: the story's description also said something about Harry either becoming the greatest wizard or dark lord. Hope that helps in the search.

Replies:   samuelmichaels


I have not read it, but The Rise of Overlord Vulcan! by Dark Dragen has this description:

Read as how a different history, having an imaginary twin sister at a young age, and a having a different life before Hogwarts changes Harry from a weak and lonely boy, to the most powerful Dark Wizard the world had ever seen - Overlord Vulcan. Not much sex at the start of the story, but as it gets along there'll be a lot. Some of the Categories might be altered as the story gets on, removed or added.

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That's what I was looking for. Many thanks.


too bad to it is another inactive fanfic

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