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looking for a time travel to western story


it's been a long time since I've read it so the details are blurry ...

If I recall correctly a man is sent back in the past and try to go to Oregon (or the Willamette valley)

doing so he gains a reputation as a killer (although he only killed in self defense)

one of the only thing I recall for sure is at one time he must question a suspect (with the sheriff or marshal looking the other way) and use some needles and psychological pressure to get his answers

any ideas?


I Fell Through by The Old Guy?

Replies:   docholladay

Aroslav had a pair of Time Travel Westerns called Blackfeather and Redtail, and I think Aubie56 had a few as well. I haven't read any of them yet, so I'm not sure if they are what you're looking for.


Perhaps 'Gunslinger' by The Scot.



I Fell Through by The Old Guy?

I definitely agree on this one. The link for it is:

The writer has other stories available although several have the dreaded incomplete flag set. His page is at: https://storiesonline.net/a/The_Old_Guy


Grizz, docholladay thanks that's exactly the one I was looking for

Dicrostonyx and Zom, thanks for the suggestions ;)
I've already read a lot of Aubie56's stories but not the other authors (except the scot, and if his other stories are as good as the hawk and the chipmunk I'm going to enjoy reading them ^^ )


There is "Finding Peace" by Celtic Cowboy; and "Washed Up" by Lazalong which are both excellent


Other time travel westerns you might like:

Building A Dream by SW MO Hermit
Wilbur Sees It Differently by Old 1 Eye
Will And Carrie by Rotedrachen
El Paso - Joe J by Joe J
Muleskinner Blues by Joe J
Doorway Into The Past by Alistair Acorn

Doc by Kingkey (Incomplete)
Wild West by Warlord (Incomplete)

Somewhere In Time Sagas Universe by MattHHelm


thanks Cowboy622 and read1tome
event though I'm not sure about
"Building A Dream" , "Doorway Into The Past" and MattHHelm's saga I think I've already read them all

now it's time for me to try Doorway into the past ^^


Doorway to the Past is an excellent read and there are a couple more stories by Alister Acorn in the saga. It might not be about the old west but still a great time travel story in old England. If you like time travel to stone age- John and Argent by cmsix is another excellent read.


"Gunslinger" by The Scot


Since I was looking these up myself, here are the links to the stories suggested by read1tome and Cowboy622, in posted order:









Note: El Paso & Muleskinner are part of the same series, so I just put the series link. "Building A Dream" is currently titled "Building Utopia".

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