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Lost Do Over Story


I have no memory of the "Do Over" event but the main male character wakes up in the body of his teenage self still retaining his future memories.

In his original time, girl friend was dying of some type of cancer. The sick girl moves away or they part before her illness is apparent which the main character regrets in his later years. I believe there was mention of a letter explaining the reason to the main character.

In his 2nd time, the main character confronts the sick girl and ends up telling her the truth about having memories of the future.

If I am not mistaken the main character starts a band. I believe music was a part of the story line. I could be mixing this up with another story.

Hope someone can help.


Replies:   samuelmichaels

at first it sounds like Joe J's twice lucky

but he don't confronts the sick girl and the music is only secondary in the plot




I think it might be Rewind by Don Lockwood.


Try Don Lockwood and his "Rewind"

(One of unfinished stories I'm most sorry that is unfinished)


It kind of sounds like parts of 'Retreads'.


Definitely Rewind by Don Lockwood. One of my favorite stories, even though it's unfinished. Everything you described is there.

Replies:   Kerplunk


Rewind by Don Lockwood was the story I was looking for. Thanks to all that replied!

Also thanks to LonelyDad for reminding me about Retreads & Retreads Part Deux by Rotedrachen.

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