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Lost story, only remember a military scene


I once read a story that involved the mc going to south (or maybe central) America. While there he was co-training with local para-troopers and they got dropped way out of bounds. Later in the story his CO from that time tried to sabotage either his military or political career. This story helped me win a trivia contest, but I can neither remember details of the trivia question, nor the story that helped me answer it. I was telling someone about the story teaching me what I needed to answer it, and now I wanna read it again


'A Fresh Start' by rlfj. There are two other stories as well.



I think this is probably it. I was kinda sure it was a Do Over story, but that last time I was sure about that it turned out not to be (ended up being the Life in Paradise series, mixed up the alternate timeline with do over elements)

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