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Looking for a summer story

Shadow Doctor

What I can remember about it the main character is a summoner. He uses a mace pulls powers from both the anglic and demonic. Creates a grey or nutral plain of power. He has two companions I remember they guy is a kinght or Paladin who uses holy magic, the female I can't remember her powers

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son

@Shadow Doctor

The only story I can think of, the MC is a warlock, not a knight/paladin.

In the story:

Warlocks use planar magic and can increase their power by trading in souls. In terms of planes in the story, aside from earth, heaven and hell there are planes for each of the seven deadly sins, and each of the seven cardinal virtues.

Necromancers deal in death magic.

Wizards = elemental magic.

The MC only has one of the sin based planes at the start of the story (off the top of my head I don't remember exactly which, I think either greed or wrath). He does favor a mace as his weapon though. The story is incomplete, it ends just after he created his own plane. A chapter or two before the story cuts off, he managers to tap into the plane of Charity, mostly because he spends most of the story helping the three main female characters.

The three main female characters.

A young girl (17 or 18), who is a necromancer. at the very beginning of the story the MC rescues her from a pair of knights trying to kill her because she's a necromancer and accidentally killed a foster father when her powers first manifested. The foster father had been raping her. The MC takes her in and agrees to train her.

A succubus that the MC has under contract. The MC is in love with the succubus and she with him. As a result, she ends up rising and her powers change.

The MC's ex fiance. She was a knight, and broke up with the MC because of pressure from her family who are all knights (her father in particular who is fairly high in the knighthood's hierarchy). She ends up quitting the knights (off stage, but explained later), because her team was sent to kill a necromancer in Africa. The necromancer turns out to be a kid,(10-12) who hadn't killed anyone but turned his family into zombies after they were killed by poachers.

The ex comes back into the MC's life, he tries to brush her off, but she becomes friends with the succubus and together they plot to drag the MC into a stable committed threesome.


I believe the story is The Warlock, by Ahazurak.

I assume you meant a 'summoner' story, not a 'summer' story.

Dominions Son


That's certainly the one I was thinking of. A number of the major details in the OP are significantly off from The Warlock, but I can't think of anything that comes closer.

awnlee jawking

It may not be the story you're looking for but 'Light of Hellfire' by Sage of the Forlorn Path is a very good read.


Shadow Doctor


You assume correct, it was a auto correct mistake. I think this is what I was looking for thank you

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