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Horatio Hornblower style of stories


Can only remember it started with a storm in witch the passengers were saved in a life boat.

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I think you are looking for one of the best stories on the site... perhaps the best universe. In The Navy by Argon.

Harold Wilson


Did it start off as a three-hour tour? Was there a skipper and one crewman? Did the passengers include a professor, a movie star, a farm girl, a millionaire and his wife?

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@Harold Wilson

Sir, the position of Court Jester has already been filled. We do not need another.

Harold Wilson

You gotta dress for the job you want, man. Not the job you have!




Thanks that's the story



After you finish reading Argon's wonderful series, take a look at Colt45's Sea King stories.



I see Argon's Tales of Tanitsar as having been modelled on Colt45's Sea King set, maybe that means they should be read in the same order.


Tales from Mist World by Anotherp08

Mist World, as its name suggests, is a world covered by mist. The only land visible on Mist is the mountains and plateaus that rise out of the never ending gray sea.-- Come follow Jake Harrow as he flies the skies of Mist World harvesting sky eels, dances with pirates, encounters old enemies, runs into old friends and meets some new friends along the way.

Very nautical in a sailing navy type of way despite being airborne. If you enjoy Argon's and Colt45's stories this has a similar feel.



You might want to read Colt45 first. He hasn't posted since 2011 and last I heard he was facing some severe health issues. I'm not sure when he last logged in but wis works could go Premier at any time.

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