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Lost story - man and his partner dog


It's been driving me nuts for weeks and I'm hoping someone can help - even with the little I remember. The story involves a man who was either a soldier or spy and his partner dog and starts just after they retire or leave the service. Not much to go on I know but I'm hoping someone remembers it.

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Ernest Bywater

Try this one

Replies:   BrainDrain


Ernest is probably right. I remember reading the story and it was very good.


I have a vague recollection of a Swarm story arranging a pickup of an ex-military featuring canine zoophilia, but the subject matter, writing style and bending of canon meant that I didn't remember it, and might well have abandoned reading it.

I agree with Ernest and docholladay, it's probably JRyter's A Country Boy Can Survive (info link)

Ernest Bywater

In A Country Boy Can Survive the main character buys a property out in the boonies and lives there with his K9 partner with the name of 'Dog' and they have some issues with some yahoos on a connecting property that hunt on his land and also some trouble with some criminals after a shipment of stolen crime organization money is accidentally shipped to him. That may help you to decide if it's the story you're after.


Harlan Ellison's "A Boy and His Dog" comes to mind. As well as the horrible mid-70's movie based off of it.


Giants in the Sandbox by Zoras ?

two dogs, dawg and thing, the guy is hiding from the public because he was "responsible" of a massacre ...

although it's probably not this one since it's a post apocalypse story involving aliens which is something people usually remember :D


@Ernest Bywater

Yup, that seems to be it. I've even read a few JRyter stories reciently and didn't notice it among them lol. Thanks.

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