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Australian truck building


Good day folks,

I'm looking for a story I read some years back about a guy who ended up building a huge truck stop and factory that built heavy trucks based on a military design... they may have been an exotic material.
I don't remember much else though I do seem to remember the trucks were a tank design that they basically removed the turret from.

Thanks in advance!

Ernest Bywater

Are you sure the story was st in Australia or was it written by an Australian!

I'm an Australian author and in my story Hell Hound there's a section where the main character raises funds by building trucks from the drive and chassis components of the tanks his unit used to have. However, the story is set in New Mexico with some early scenes in Russia concerning a Red Chinese invasion of Europe. The man goes on to build an improved version of the tank his unit used to use by using the income from the trucks he built to research and build the new style tanks. The big scene is a shoot out with the army of invading drug lords from Mexico..


Other than that I've e few stories set in both Australia and the US where the central character has built campers out of old Australian Army Perentie series command vehicles that are 6 x 6 long wheelbase Range Rovers.


That's definitely the one I was thinking of- I must have been reading too many tales of Australia lately.
Ps: thanks for writing too- I enjoy many of your tales.

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Ernest Bywater


You're welcome.


I am going to have to put that on my list to reread. It has been long enough that I don't recall those not so little details.

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