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Cant find this Genie/Djinn story


I have been searching for this story which I read several years ago, and while I believe I read it here it is possible that I might have read it on another site.

What I remember.

The MC finds a genie (I think he trips and hits his head on the bottle)
This genie can grant an infinite number of wishes.

The MC wishes to become the owner of a warehouse to turn into an appartment.

He wishes for his parents to forget about him.

The MC wishes for multiple inventions which he pretends to be the inventor of.

The MC ends up with several girls living with him that he has helped out, many from being homeless or abused.

The basement of the building becomes a laboratory and a dungeon.

The MC also becomes a master to a sex shop owner, which he controls remotely through video cameras.

The MC invents a hover skateboard.

The MC donates lots of money to various abused women shelters.

There are a few women who get monstrous body modifications.

The MC creates an interactive virtual reality video game system.

The MC drives a different fancy sports car each day to school and to drop many of the girls living with him off at school.

The MC ends up building items for the government, and also has trouble with the government trying to spy on him.

That's what I can remember right now, any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


The Inventor by JWDD was on

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Thank you very much zellus, I have been driving myself crazy looking for this.

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