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Ring of Domication


Looking for a story about a boy who found a ring when on holiday with his family. He finds the ring in the water (ocean or lake). When wearing the ring he learns he can control/order people, and he starts to experiment on his sisters. Both sisters know he is using the ring, but they want him to learn to use it.

I have read the first chapters of this story when I first found the story, but do not remember the story name, author or where I found the story. I might have been on SOL, asstr or maybe it is way older and I found it on EWPub. Any help in finding this story is much appreciated.

Replies:   John Demille

Sounds like Kenn Ghannon's Ring of Command. He has let it turn into incomplete and inactive. I've asked him about it and he said he lost the drive to focus on it. He has not completely given up on it but he is not looking to work on it until his muse returns.

You could tell the story shot off into a weird way like it lost focus. It was a great beginning but; yes, lost its focus is a perfect description.


John Demille


Consciousness Revealed by Caesar

fits the description.


@shinerdrinker That is the one. Thank you!

@JD, similar story, and I like it.

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