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MC has bubble protection


I read this on SOL but can't seem to find it now. About a MC and others who create a bubble to protect them in times of danger.

Air not getting in is a problem. MC breaks into a trapped room where OPFOR sets off poison gas.

Not sure if it was ended when I read it. Anyone know story name or author or link for it?


Replies:   samuelmichaels


I think it's in the "Ashley" series by Uncle Jim.

Replies:   Lapi


I think that is it, thank you very much!


Could be the 'Wizard' series by Grey Sapien (Combat Wizard, Wizard at Work, Talent), withdrawn from here and published under 'Jack L Knapp'. MC is in military initially, using his (initially weak) TK to help protect him and his troops, a failed result of a black govt program intended to develop telepathy as an unjammable comms, and which is shut down with extreme prejudice. He escapes with the aid of a nurse who has some TP, later recruiting an ex-sergeant who was searching for him, and finds they are able to pass on and develop their skills. They get involved in a turf war between drug dealers, use their talents to mine gold, retire to a small desert community, accidentally pass on some talents to the locals, and have to battle another esper with delusions of godhood.

Probably not, since I don't remember the poison gas, but they did get hit by an RPG which brought the building they were in down on them.

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