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RV parked near the hospital


hi all, it's not at life or death issue but I just had a flashback on a story and can't remember which one it is...

all I remember is a group (family?) traveling in a big RV, (probably) touring the country

at one time they meet/find someone and takes him/her to the hospital...
then they decide to stay until that person is well enough so they stay in the RV in the hospital parking
they are even sown a specific parking slot that is near a side entrance

things I'm not that sure about:
a nurse notice the group and is moved by how they are staying for someone they just met ...

IIRC the group call a catering service to feed all the ER's personnel

does it ring a bell to someone ?

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author: BulletProof
story: Good Times Rolling



There is also a scene like this in Arlene and Jeff by RoustWriter. It's where Jeffs retired police friend, (his dead wife is in his head and able to talk to him) is traveling with his lady friend and her daughter.

Book 3 somewhere around Chapter 55.



Don't know if this is the correct one or not.

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I remember a couple of scenes like that from https://storiesonline.net/a/Lazlong in the stories https://storiesonline.net/s/40992/the-fountain-of-youth and https://storiesonline.net/s/41823/the-fountain-of-youth-book-ii (one such scene in each).

StarFleet Carl


There is also a scene like this in Arlene and Jeff by RoustWriter.

Yeah, the scene where Brenda ends up coming back from being dead.


dang, I know I've read arlene and jeff as well as a few stories by lazlong and I'm not sure about "good times rolling" >.<

guess I now have my list or reading for the next few weeks LOL

thanks all :)

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