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Aliens, sorta


MC gets a second chance after living a not so great life. The alien that helps him is named larussk.


Any other details? Where does the story take place?


They offer him the chance to start out on another planet exactly like prehistoric earth. Usual tropes, give you the ideal body of an 18 year old, supplies,...


The obvious candidate is https://storiesonline.net/a/cmsix but a few other authors used the idea. I could not find anything using the name larussk though.

Ernest Bywater

you may want to check this one out



The correct name is Laarusk.
author: Capt. Zapp
Story: The Loser

Other stories like that:

John and Argent
Mike and Malok
Steve and Kemon

Replies:   smaranto45


Thank you. That's the one.

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