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Lost Fighter Pilot


I can't remember what this story is called. This American fighter pilot crash lands in Afghanistan in Taliban controlled territory. He gets taken in by these women who pretend that he is their husband so he doesn't get caught.

Replies:   fester82


Is it POW (Prisoner of the Widows) by JoeJ. It is set in Syria not Afghanistan tho.

Replies:   richardshagrin


Are you sure its set in Syria? I thought it was Iraq.

Replies:   fester82


You are correct it was the Syrian Desert in Iraq where he crash landed, my bad

Replies:   docholladay


It was in the Sands as the veterans call it. The actual location isn't that big a factor for me since I highly enjoyed the story.

Of course I have a strange viewpoint of some things. As I think of it: Unless someone has gone through their version of the valley of hell. They can never relate to another persons journey through it.

from the little things in his stories I have the impression he went through it.

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