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Lost Post-Apocalyptic Story


Pretty sure it was here on SOL but not positive. Young man (late teenager/young adult) lives on a island, goes to larger island or main-land to re-supply and/or trade. Believe it was Pac. NW, WA or BC. Somewhere/somehow picks up a young lady. Romance follows. NOT "The Storm" by Ptarmigan, very similar in many ways though. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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Ernest Bywater

If this isn't the story you're after, you could read it as a way to help you pass the time until the right one is identified.


There is another story that fits part of what you ask for, but it's not PA, and starts differently:


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@Ernest Bywater

I'd be kind of surprised if it's Aftershock if only because the main character is quite a bit older than that and the romance that follows is, well, different. I agree with Ernst, though, that it's a good story to pass the time while we wait for a better match to appear!

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Thanks guys, your right it's not either of the stories you listed.Both of which I have read in the past. Liked Island-Mine and am re-reading it since you brought it to mind again. Aftershock I didn't care for before, might try again later.

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It might help if you can recall what the nature of the apocalypse was? Bombs, aliens, viruses, genetics, honest politicians?

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Jim S


honest politicians?

That's contradictory on it's face.

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@Jim S

If the politicians were to suddenly turn honest, then surely the apocalypse is upon us.



perhaps Backscatter by Hammingbyrd7


Island is Madeira trade is Ft. Hood, Texas

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