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Warp to magic world and fight dragons


I think it rolled off the "recent top stories" and forgot what it was called/author. Guy warps to a magic world, meets up with Vikings, meets Valkyries, completes a challenge set by a dragon and gains a super power, there are eight (nine?) dragons and at the point where he stopped posting was dealing with a zombie king and trying to get to the second dragon.

Hope the title was better than "Lost story" :)




Replies:   chibih


That's the one. He's dropped off the face of the earth, I hope he updates his blog at least to say hi.

Really good story. Really good.

Thanks Seanski.


The story was updated December 26, 2018. There is a blog dated December 9, 2018.

Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler


That's five weeks ago man, it's like *forever*.

Mind you - looking at the intervals between posting of the previous chapters, it is forever. Chapters were coming out almost daily and then the gaps suddenly increased.

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