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Easy one, just not for me


Mc got his hands on his teacher/mentor's (can't tell which) notes and used his research to create some kind of potion that makes women horny I think he put it on their milk to fuck his stepmom and her daughters

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Damn. I know this one. It was his father's research that his dad left him with and he uses it on his mom and sisters. It may still be in my library. I'll look.



Could it be "Matt's Crazy Corner of the World" by Fantasy Lover?


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I'm sure it's not. He was working on the formula in the basement and feeding it to them in milk and food. I just can't find it.


Slut9 by Jefferson??

Story: https://storiesonline.net/s/61921/slut9
Author: https://storiesonline.net/a/Jefferson

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Thanks but it's not it, this looks like good story I will read it for now



Not it, I have actually read this one, thanks for trying


I know this one. It was pretty bad. The potion also made the bodies of the people who drank it go super human. The father used his potion to turn invisible for some reason.


Is it Can you see me now by JRyter

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Ernest Bywater


it Can you see me now by JRyter

remember you may have to ignore the posting dates as JTR pulled all of his stories and then later reposted them. Thus there are stories with recent posting dates that were originally posted years ago.


Lost notebook of doctor e by tailweaver?

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The one I was referring to was "The Lost Notebook of Dr. E". I dont think i found it inteteresting enough to read to conclusion.

The only "Can You See Me Now" involved observasation satelites, the NSA, and a sweet romance aka Lubrican and his muse, Peaches.



Thanks a lot it's lost notebook of doctor e. Thanks guys

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