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Story not lost, I just can't find it, divorce 50% settelment, husband takes half the house


I can't remember when or where I read the story, or how it started.

The ending was that the usual split of assets happens and the husband and his brother take half of everything... by sawing it in half (including the house).

any help would be greatly appreciated.


That could be from the news, it actually happened in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It was somewhere in the Midwest US.


That maybe, but considering I didn't go to the US until 1992 for my under-grad, I doubt it, but then may have read it in some news archive...

I get a flash of reading it on my Viewsonic 21" crt monitor that I got in Saudi in 01, so it must have been 01 and 05.

But then I may be mixing memories, crap now I'm getting scared

*Ignore my ramblings, and thank you!


Quite likely the same thing has happened more than once, either unintentionally or inspired by the previous time(s) it happened. It is how cliches get started. But that is the first time I remember it happening.




Harold Wilson

I'm pretty sure I recall a story like that on SOL, but cannot remember the name, sorry.


The one I remember was just a short story. In it the neighbor comes by and asked what the man is doing in the garage breaking everything. As the guy breaks all the china dishes he separates it in half by weight and says "the court told me she gets half, so I'm dividing it up." Soon all the neighbors come over with hammers and chainsaws to help. The wives bring pot luck dishes like its a hoe down or something.

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