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Recent story I should have bookmarked


MC finds he is living in a simulation, but can control the source code. Sort of like "Magic 2.0" but it was on here.

Replies:   Franco

Hope you find it, sounds like something I'd be interested in.

What is Magic 2.0 and where can it be found? If you need to answer by DM that's okay.

Replies:   zellus


Magic 2.0 Series by Scott Meyer



Not exactly what you are looking for, but the 2 stories in A Modern Day Mage series by Vax might interest you. The protagonist finds a computer makes creating perfect spells very easy. Here: https://storiesonline.net/universe/149/a-modern-day-mage


I have a feeling that it was removed from here. It was a serial I would see listed in the feed last year, but I haven't seen it in a while and it's not in concluded serials. Or it may still be open and not updated lately.
Oh well, I'll keep looking.


Do you mean The Gamer's Apocalypse by Cyfer14 by any chance?


That IS the one I was thinking of, them. I'll have see if it's any good.

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