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Lost Survivor after Apocalyspe stories


One story dealt with an ex baseball payer who stocked up in a remote cabin with three Cane mastiffs, Reporter and girl from Spain on exchange school year beg to join him after she trashed him in a tv interview.

The other is similar. Man tries to help Indian tribes resist Government subjugating them. Ends up creating a free territory then has to fight President's forces then Chinese or Mexican, I think, invasion of Houston


There are several for the second one but the only one I can think of now is by Celtic Cowboy - Finding Peace.

By the way they are mostly time travel stories, does that seem correct?

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That is the second one, Thank you very much.


The first story is by blackrandl1958. I forget the title but don't believe it's on this site or any other presently. I think the story was withdrawn for possible publication.

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It's Money Grab by https://storiesonline.net/a/blackrandl1958
Wayback Machine Preview: https://web.archive.org/web/20160918194111/http://storiesonline.net:80/s/12061:165179/money-grab-chapter-1


Thanks for the title update. The Wayback Machine is a resource I rarely utilize.


Feeding three mastiffs long term in a post apoc situational would be challenging.

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Thank you gang. That is it, I was reading some of her stories but had it on another pc....

Thank you too for the link. SOL stories are many and varied, like so many authors I too am older and leave many stories unfinished for many different reasons



They fed the dogs Carp from a stream that they would netfish in and collect several hundred pounds at a time and then freeze them.

Randi has been repopulating her accounts both here and on 'the other site' but at different rates. So if a story isn't here, check over there and vice versea.

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So if a story isn't here, check over there and vice versea.

It just may be... :)

I can't wait until it gets reposted here so I can download the epub.

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