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Missplaced story in my box of trix


I have a story in my computer and i can not remember its name its about a young guy who has an affair with an older woman who he gets pregnant on purpose he then seduces the virgin daughter and she's also impregnated and refuses to tell her mother who had sex with... both are pregnant at the same time

Replies:   Nizzgrrl

A story which comes close is https://storiesonline.net/s/50396/tee-shirt-time by Aurora. Differences are:
- I don't *think* the daughter was a virgin
- he was with the daughter first
- the first pregnancy was an accident.

One of Lubrican's stories would probably fit, he has only written 265 so far.

Replies:   JohnBobMead


Except.. the guy sounds too mean to be a Lubrican protagonist.

Lubrican writes romances, which may include incest, and yes, pregnancy is a pretty good bet, but what's described is not a romance.



You might check the author's pages for Homer Vargas. As I recall he was the virtuoso of pregnancy stories.

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